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Examining District 8 Candidates: Dan Quiggle

August 8, 2009 the last few days we have examined John Thrasher and Art Graham, and we continue our series today with businessman Dan Quiggle. If anyone else announces their candidacy, we will bring you an examination of their background.

Unlike Thrasher or Graham, Quiggle has never held public office, leaving us without a record to examine. We can only wonder where the candidate stands on many issues. He does have a long standing record of opposition to higher taxes, which gives some insight, but overall we just don’t know enough about him.

Strong on fiscal issues, Quiggle recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge from Americans for Tax Reform and served as the State Chairman of Americans for Prosperity, a national grassroots organization focused on conservative economic policy.

It seems Quiggle could be best described as a quintessential ‘Reagan Republican’ and even worked for the former President after he left office in 1989.

The main focus of Quiggle’s campaign is predictably on taxes and the economy, which fits well into his small business background. With many voters saying their biggest concerns are taxes and the economy, being the only candidate in the race with business experience may work to Quiggle’s advantage.

However, while the economy and taxes are important issues, they aren’t the only issues. We still don’t know where Quiggle stands on many key issues, since his campaign features only a brief synopsis of the candidate’s views, leaving much to desired for voters.

We hesitate to form an opinion of Dan Quiggle until we know more about him. Over the next few weeks, Quiggle will need to engage voters and discuss his views on the issues that matter to them. Until then, we have to reserve judgement one way or the other.

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  1. August 8, 2009 11:01 pm

    Weak! The election is 4 weeks away–take a stance!

    Dan is the man.

    Go Quiggle!

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