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August 8, 2009

Evening Edition

Herald: Health care reform supporters rally at lawmaker’s office

Herald: Health care fury: Any answers amid the noise?

News-Press: Editorial: Can mobs derail health care battle?

Herald: Sotomayor is sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Ledger: Sotomayor sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Sentinel: Editorial: Martinez, our accidental Senator, wasn’t cut out for Washington

Democrat: Energy could be an economic boost to Florida

Democrat: Florida gun owners getting concealed-weapons permits at record pace


Morning Edition

Herald: Who will replace Martinez? Gov. Crist’s potential picks examined

Times: Martinez’s replacement could be Jim Smith, a former Attorney General and Secretary of State

Herald-Tribune: Decision leaves Governor boxed in

Herald: Sotomayor vote could impact Florida Senate race

Ledger: Tampa health care forum turns into near riot, videos nationally televised

WTSP: Conservatives blame liberal unions for town hall violence

Herald: Democrats protest outside Rep. Diaz-Balart’s office

Observer: Senate would shift to the right with John Thrasher

Herald: Government issues swine flu guidelines for schools

Times: Crist may be revising environmental stands

Democrat: Patrick Dorsey: Jobs, economic development must be everyone’s priority


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