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Examining District 8 Candidates: Stan Jordan

August 11, 2009 has posted an even more in-depth profile of Stan Jordan, which you can read here.

Yesterday, Stan Jordan announced he would resign from the Duval County School Board and enter the District 8 Senate race.

Jordan enters the race with the name recognition expected of a politician with more than 24 years in office. Jordan served for sixteen years on the Duval County School Board, followed by eight years in the State House.

Positioning himself early as the ‘Education’ candidate in the race, Jordan used his announcement to talk about his focus on education.

“I will take a lot of the issues, concerns and frustrations of the School Board to the Senate with me.”

Jordan returned to the school board in November 2008, due to term limits on his seat in the legislature. However, many speculated at the time Jordan had no intention of serving his full term on the school board.Observers pointed out that Jordan had raised $34,675 for the school board race, but had spent only $13,338. This left $21,336 available to jump start a future campaign, as Jordan did this week.

Several analysts have predicted that Jordan will siphon support and votes from both Thrasher and Art Graham, the City Councilman from Jacksonville. Aaron Bean’s supporters may also be up for grabs, with Bean withdrawing from the race last Friday, a few may go Jordan’s way.

We will continue to watch the District 8 race and keep you informed with all the latest news and commentary in what is sure to be an exciting election.

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