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Thrasher “Tax Waste” Ad Hits the Internet

August 13, 2009

As we reported yesterday, a 527 group called Stop Tax Waste, Inc has launched a television campaign attacking John Thrasher’s spending record as Speaker of the House. We can now bring you their commercial, posted to YouTube hours ago.

Called “The Map of John Thrasher’s Tax Waste,” the video chronicles Thrasher’s overspending of taxpayer money, including an attempted tax giveaway to the renovation of Dolphin Stadium in Miami, shopping spree to redecorate his office in Tallahassee, and a flight to Texas to shop for desks.

John Thrasher is a career lobbyist/legislator and has spent 30 years in Tallahassee making friends so we won’t be surprised if a 527 suddenly forms overnight to come to Thrasher’s defense. This race sure is fun to watch. Stay tuned.

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