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Thrasher’s Response to Attacks: Fundraising?

August 14, 2009 someone questions your spending record, how would you respond? Apparently, if you’re John Thrasher you schedule a dozen fundraisers hosted by special interests groups. We have to ask, in what world does this strategy make sense?

The lobbyist turned legislator is now turning to his former clients, such as the Florida Dental Association and Florida Medical Association, who plan to help Thrasher by hosting fundraisers between now and the special election primary on September 15th.

Not limiting himself to fundraisers inside Florida’s borders, Thrasher will hold a fundraiser in San Jose, California next weekend, thousands of miles from the district he wants to represent in the State Senate.

If we were talking about any other candidate in this race, we would have to wonder why Californians in the Silicon Valley would donate money to a State Senate candidate an entire country away. However, Thrasher is among the most powerful lobbyists in Florida and would be a valuable ‘ace in the hole’ for a multitude of special interests in the Golden State.

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