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In Video, Graham Compares Voters to Children

August 15, 2009

Taking his message directly to YouTube, Art Graham discusses his philosophy of public service. the video, Graham makes an analogy between children with broken toys and voters with a broken government. We are surprised that Graham would compare voters with children, because if there’s anything the recent health care town halls have demonstrated, it’s that voters are more than capable of fixing (or preventing) problems in our government.

While this could simply be a poorly chosen analogy, it would explain why Graham believes he can vote for $26 million in fees one year and campaign as a tax fighter another year. Trying to pull the wool over voters eyes would be an easy choice for a politician who believes voters are analogous to children.

The video was posted on August 3rd, but has only been viewed 100 times. While we think it’s great to put your campaign videos online and save money by utilizing a free platform, it could be time to buy a television audience when it takes 12 days to get 100 views.

So far, John Thrasher and Dan Quiggle are the only candidates in the District 8 race to launch television campaigns, but we’re looking for Art Graham and Stan Jordan to step up their media buys as we approach the September 15th special election primary. Hopefully Graham will come up with a better message than, “voters are like children” when he begins airing commercials.

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