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Could Dan Quiggle Get Along in the Senate?

August 18, 2009 we noticed an interesting quote in Art Graham’s Q&A with the Jacksonville Observer, taking subtle shots at the his opponents in the Senate District 8 race. This shot seems to be aimed at Dan Quiggle, who is the only outsider in the race who fits Graham’s characterization.

“It’s easy to be a bomb-thrower from the outside – but on the rare occasions when one of them is elected, they’re aggressively ignored by their colleagues and accomplish none of what their constituents sent them to do.” – Art Graham

After some consideration, Graham could be on to something with his characterization of Quiggle, who has rigorously attacked career politicians throughout this campaign. As a State Senator, he would be surrounded by career politicians, who might very well take offense.

In Dan Quiggle’s first television commercial of the campaign he chastises the stimulus packages, socialized health care and bailout packages. He then goes on, saying that politicians are “out of control” and urges the crowd to “take our country and state back from the career politicians and bureaucrats.”

It is certainly a “red meat” speech that undoubtedly pleases the conservative base, which has grown even more weary of career politicians in the last several months. If it does get Quiggle elected, the attacks on career politicians may not leave him with many fans in the Senate.As a result, Quiggle may not be able to fulfill the promises he’s made in the campaign. In the last ten days, he has made ambitious promises to lower taxes and fight the public option in the federal health care reform. These are arguably good ideas, we applaud Quiggle for his stances on these important issues. However, it may be too much, too quickly.

In the next month of the campaign, how many more promises will Quiggle make? How many of those promises will he be able to keep in an alienated Senate?

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  1. Cayce Rumsey, M.D. permalink
    August 19, 2009 6:42 am

    I first met Dan Quiggle 10 years ago and I can say unequivically that he is one of the most likeable, optimistic people I have ever known. His energy seems boundless and his passion is palpable. Dan’s understanding of economics exceeds anything I have seen in a political candidate from our area in recent memory. His understanding of the issues that face northeast Florida voters is, in my opinion, unmatched by any other candidate. Dan is extremely intelligent and a relentless worker…as evidenced by his building three highly successful businesses from the ground up. For issues that he is not as familiar with, Dan studies the issue thoroughly, consults experts and combines his conservative principles to develop a position. I know this first-hand as he has consulted me and other physicians regarding healthcare. If all of our elected leaders took this approach we would likely not be in the position we are in today. Dan not only will “get along” in the Senate, he will, without doubt, be a leader.

  2. Helene Belloni permalink
    September 5, 2009 9:58 am

    Sometimes it’s not about what a person can accomplish, but what a person won’t allow to be accomplished. Case in Point the Obama Administration!

  3. B Brown permalink
    September 9, 2009 11:41 am

    First an observation. The voters approved term limits and that is a great thing. However, they have turned around and continue to vote for the same people as they continue to move from one office to another. Do we not have enough qualified people?

    For this reason, I have researched Quiggle; discussed with him what I was concerned with; called their office to see what their response was on the negative information being desiminated and then researched the information myself. I respect the people who are supporting the established canidates, but I want someone new. I am not looking for this area to get “free money” to waste on projects that do not need to be done here or anywhere else. This tax money that comes out of every pocket in Florida. I want a voice and I believe that Dan Quiggle will give us that. The accusations are reaching; taking a truth and expanding it to be something awful. There is no one who runs for office that will not be subjected to this. Voters should research for themselves along with all the information about him. I believe he is a good family man with a great deal of energy. And yes, he does talk a lot about Reagan whom he looks at as an outstanding person. Anyone would have been lucky to have worked for him as Volunteer. I have never heard him say he was “employed”

  4. Christina M. permalink
    September 10, 2009 7:02 am

    I personally have strong feelings that campaigns should be outlining what you stand for and not stand for. You can not judge other people, meaning other candidates, because you can not say that you are not biased with your own qualifications OR views. Anyways on that point …

    I believe their should be an independent third person/organization/company/non-profit/volunteer, who takes an oath and does the research and posts on a website showing: Each candidates activities, organization affiliates, employment record, charity affiliates, and any prior government posts and voting history. Also, anything pertaining or relating directly and significantly to the matter at hand.

    These third party organizations that place commercials attacking another candidates should completely stop. I believe they should only post/list histories of EACH candidate and not a particular candidate they “endorse”. It leaves too many questions for me personally. Who started this organization? Who runs this organization? Is the organization raising money? Who is receiving money from the organization? What connections does this organization have? Why was the organization created? When was the organization created?

    Let the truths show by facts. I think we can make a better judgement of character with this information when it comes to voting. Let the history show the character of the candidate. History usually repeats itself …

    Now who the third party should be, to be trusted to do this enormous, honest and couragous task is a question I don’t know how to answer 🙂

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