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Commercial Slams John Thrasher for Ethics Violations

August 19, 2009

The second group attacking John Thrasher in less than a week has launched a commercial attacking the State Senate candidate’s sordid history of ethics violations both as a member of the Florida House and as a lobbyist. with headlines and pictures of disgraced Governors Mark Sanford and Rob Blagojevich, the commercial highlights Thrasher’s troubled history with ethics violations in the Florida House.

The ad features three prominent headlines concerning Thrasher. The first headline, from the St. Petersburg Times, reads “Thrasher “Trouble” with Florida’s Ethics Laws.”

The next two headlines, both from the Palm Beach Post, read “First Speaker to be Found Guilty of Violating Ethics Laws Before Becoming Speaker” and “Thrasher Again Making History as GOP Speaker.”

The scandals in question refer to Thrasher’s first ethics violation in 1992, in which he actively lobbied his fellow House members on behalf of the Florida Medical Association, a former lobbying client. The second violation referred to Thrasher’s ethics violation after leaving office, for organizing luncheons with legislators on behalf of lobbying clients, before the mandated two year waiting period for former legislators to lobby current legislators.

The final statement in the ad reads, “John Thrasher, We Deserve Better” and “Demand an End to Scandal and Corruption.”

There is no word if and when this commercial will hit television airwaves, but we will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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