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Weekend Headlines

August 22, 2009

Sunday Edition

Sun: Fla. GOP: Anger over health care will help in 2010

Tribune: Crist calls Obama health care plan ‘cockamamie’

Times-Union: Health Care Reform: How it could affect you

Sun-Sentinel: Martinez’s Senate exit signals crossroads for GOP efforts to woo Hispanics

Times: Bilirakis, Shaw, Frey added to the Senate shortlist

Post: Crist adds 3 former Congressmen to ever-growing U.S. Senate list

Herald: Jennifer Carrol: Rare breed of Republican is on Crist’s list

Times-Union: Records of career politicians seeking return to Senate in District 8 are open game

News-Journal: Seven candidates qualify for King’s seat in special election

Sentinel: Federal court ruling unleashes stealthy election ads

Times: Florida Republicans try to unify amid spending scandal and competing Senate candidates

Times: Howard Troxler: What’s a few potentially illegal campaign contributions, after all?

Times: Speaking to Florida Republicans, former Miss California tosses tiara into political ring

News-Journal: Get ready for higher taxes

Sun-Sentinel: Calls to tax junk food gain ground

Herald: Miami-Dade mayor hands out big raises to top advisors



.Saturday Edition

Sentinel: Florida GOP Chairman recalls party credit cards after Sansom scandal

Herald: Crist calls Sansom’s shopping spree an embarrassment

Herald: GOP Chair on opening party books: ‘No. no. no.’

Herald: GOP Chair takes Rep. Hastings up on his offer

Times: Crist could have his alter ego keep Senate seat warm

Observer: Some question purpose of Senate vacancy dance

Herald: Rumblings of Anti-Crist straw poll in Broward

Herald: Florida’s still head over heels for Charlie Crist

Herald: Health care reform protests set throughout South Florida

Democrat: Both sides pointing fingers at the other in health care debate

News-Journal: Rep. Kosmas gets earful at health care forum

Times: Except for barbs, Rep. Brown-Waite is silent on health care reform

Times: At Orlando gathering, GOP courts young voters

Herald: Real estate fears stoked by still rising unemployment

Ledger: The lawyer hired to fight red-light cameras

Post: Ticketed drivers statewide join class-action lawsuit

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