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How long can a ‘shortlist’ be?

August 24, 2009 Governor Charlie Crist has added three former U.S. Congressmen to the ever-growing list of potential appointees for Senator Mel Martinez’s soon-to-be-vacated seat. Over the weekend, Crist said he wants to fill the seat by September 8th, the day Congress reconvenes.

The three former Congressmen are Mike Bilirakis, Lou Frey and Clay Shaw. They join the current ‘shortlist’ of ten candidates, which include:

  • State Rep. Jeniffer Carrol
  • UNF President John Delaney
  • Former Crist Chief of Staff George LeMieux
  • Former U.S. Attorney Bob Martinez
  • Former Attorney General and Secretary of State Jim Smith
  • Former House Speaker Daniel Webster
  • Long-time U.S. Rep. Bill Young

Crist is traveling the state to interview five of his candidates today. He is meeting with Shaw in South Florida, Bilirakis and Young in Tampa, and Frey and Smith in Tallahassee. Previously interviewed candidates include Carrol, Delaney, Martinez, and LeMieux.

While ten candidates doesn’t make for an exceedingly long list, we’re not sure calling it the ‘shortlist’ is an apt characterization. The terms ‘field’ or ‘crop’ seem a more appropriate way to describe the list of candidates, but perhaps that’s just us.

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