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August 24, 2009

Afternoon Edition

Times: Bill Young takes his name out of Senate appointment mix

Times: Did Bill Young put Charlie Crist in his place?

Times: Crist courted Gulf Power CEO Susan Story and Toni Jennings for Senate appointment

Observer: Speaker Cretul revamps House committee assignments

Herald: Cretul outlines his council, committee shakeup

Herald: Rep. Planas to file rules complaint against Speaker’s ‘abomination’

Times: Rep. Zapata on losing post: ‘I’ve been laid off’

Sun-Sentinel: Top Florida PSC staffer barred from regulating FPL

Herald: Fasano calls for PSC to remove staffer who went too far

Herald: Greer anoints Dorworth, though Speakers race isn’t over

Times-Union: Jacksonville City Hall watchdog posts on the chopping block

Herald: Galvano: We’re ready to compromise


Morning Edition

Sun: Senate Democrats consider tactic to push through government health plan

Post: Florida’s failed experiment in the 90s may hold lessons for national health reform

Times-Union: Health care reform: How are other countries doing?

Sun: Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security payments

Herald-Tribune: No payment increase slated in Social Security

Herald: Political clout bolsters FPL push for rate increase

Herald: FPL brings with it political cash and credit to rate case

Times: Federal stimulus averted 2,800 teacher layoffs in Tampa schools

Herald-Tribune: To get stimulus money, spend first

Ledger: Weary car dealers see surge in sales

Herald-Tribune: Sarasota GOP Chairman says straw poll divisive

Herald: State Rep. Erik Fresen faces foreclosure

Sentinel: Attorney says Crist ‘taking sides’ in Fathima Rifqa Bary case

Observer: A closed primary in Senate District 8

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