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Exclusive: John Thrasher’s Trial Lawyer Hypocrisy

August 26, 2009 John Thrasher has claimed that two recent commercials attacking him have been the work of trial lawyers, we have uncovered public records which reveal a substantial hypocrisy in Thrasher’s claims of victimization.

Thrasher has lobbied on behalf of several trial lawyer clients, including powerful firms such as Grossman & Roth in 2002 and Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter in 2008 and 2009. Additionally, in his campaign for the State Senate, Thrasher has received numerous campaign contributions from prominent trial lawyers throughout the state.

It appears that, far from attacking Thrasher, trial lawyers have been paying his salary as a lobbyist the last several years as well as actively supporting his campaign through generous individual contributions.

This raises many questions. First and foremost, can we trust anything Thrasher says? He knew that he had support from trial lawyers, but still accused them of running attack ads against him and financially backing one of Thrasher’s opponents in the State Senate race, demonstrating both a remarkable hubris and severe lack of honesty.

Additionally, what else is Thrasher trying to conceal? We know about his ethics violations and extravagant spending in the State House, but with the knowledge of Thrasher’s hypocrisy concerning trial lawyers it’s hard not to wonder what else he has been hiding.

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