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Dan Quiggle Leads District 8 Poll

August 27, 2009 Herald-Tribune’s Capitol Comments blog reported yesterday that Dan Quiggle is leading in the race to replace the late Senator Jim King in State Senate District 8.

With less than three weeks until the September 15th GOP primary, a poll done by McLaughlin & Associates for the Quiggle campaign shows their candidate in the lead. Their poll memo states:

“Dan Quiggle leads on the ballot for State Senate with 32% of the vote, followed by John Thrasher (24%), Stan Jordan (10%) and Art Graham (9%). Another 26% of voters are undecided. Among voters who have an opinion of both Quiggle and Thrasher, Quiggle leads 47% to 26%. Voters who have heard of both candidates also prefer Quiggle 35% to 23%. This shows that not only is Quiggle the frontrunner in the race, but it also shows that he has more intensity to his support than the other candidates.”

We would have predicted Quiggle and Thrasher’s positions would be reversed, considering Thrasher’s generous advantages in name recognition, powerful connections and fund raising.

Instead, voters seem to be bothered by Thrasher’s recently publicized history of ethics violations as a career lobbyist and extravagant spending as Speaker of the House. There could also be some backlash against Thrasher for only recently moving into the district and raising a mere 9% of his campaign funds within the district, which is less than he has raised from donors in other states.

Winning support from eligible voters is only half the battle in this race. Since this is a special election and voter turnout is projected to be less than 20%, the candidate who does the best job of getting their supporters to the voting booth may be the ultimate winner, leaving this race wide open.

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  1. August 31, 2009 3:28 pm

    I’ve known Dan’s wonderful parents for around nine years now. They’re my next door neighbors. His mother, who recently passed, was one of the brightest and funniest people I’ve ever had the priviledge of talking to. She was a fountain of wit and energy, even while cancer was stealing her life away.

    I met Dan, LouAnne, and family when old Mrs. Quiggle passed. We went over to console Dan’s father, Don, and ended up being consoled by the entire Quiggle family. In their roughest time, they made my wife and I feel like family.

    I’ve since done volunteer work with Dan, Adam Guilette, and the rest of the fine crew at American’s For Prosperity. They are a TREMENDOUSLY impressive group of limited government, tax fighting, freedom-loving conservatives who take our Bill of Rights and Constitution seriously! At this time in the life of our great Republic, when those qualities are either ignored or assaulted brazenly, Dan Quiggle stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    Morgan Orlins


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