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John Thrasher’s Money Advantage

August 29, 2009

thrasherThe latest financial reports in the District 8 race show John Thrasher with a substantial money lead on his three opponents. In the reporting period starting July 1st and ending last Thursday, John Thrasher was able to raise $126,932.65.

His nearest competitor, Stan Jordan, wasn’t even close with a haul of just $47,150. Finishing out the number three and four positions in the money race were Art Graham and Dan Quiggle, raising $37,908 and $36,720 respectively.

Thrasher’s generous financial lead in the race has enabled him to spend as much as $280,000 on television advertising, mostly to defend himself from charges that he lobbied for trial lawyers and wasted taxpayer money while he was in the State Legislature.

Some have pointed out that the vast majority of Thrasher’s donations have come from outside the district, but in the end, money is money and still keeps Thrasher on TV and in the mail.

With roughly two and a half weeks until the special election on September 15th, Thrasher’s distinct money advantage will continue to make him more than competitive in the race to replace Senator King.

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