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The Contradictory Claim of Stan Jordan

September 1, 2009

In his campaign to become the next State Senator representing the 8th District, Stan Jordan has repeatedly claimed to be a fiscal watchdog. However, “fiscal watchdog” is a title few would bestow upon former House Rep. Stan Jordan, who in 2001 authored an amendment to the state’s retirement law allowing legislators and state employees to double dip into state coffers.

The so-called “Jordan Amendment” has led to nearly 225 elected officials and 9,000 state employees, including Jordan himself, collecting both a paycheck and a pension from the state.

True fiscal watchdogs like Sen. Mike Fasano have attempted to close the loophole, arguing recently that, “Thousands of people will be losing their jobs in the next few months – schoolteachers, corrections officers, school bus drivers. It’s shameful that we will be keeping the double dippers while others lose their jobs.”

Fasano has introduced a bill to stop public employees from collecting a paycheck and a pension from the same agency. However, the Senate Government Oversight and Accountability Committee recently voted 5-3 against the bill and will not reconvene before the end of the legislative session.

“Sadly my colleagues killed a bill that would stop abuse within the Florida Retirement System,” said Fasano, after he watched his bill go down in flames.

It’s entertaining political theater: As the State Senate attempts to amend an abuse of the state retirement system, it’s author is campaigning for a vote in the legislative body.

Even more entertaining when the author of the fiscal abuse is running as a fiscal watchdog.

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