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John Thrasher Lied About State Plane Rides

September 2, 2009

This morning, the Orlando Sentinel revealed that John Thrasher hasn’t been honest with voters about his flights on state planes.

Thrasher has vociferously defended himself from the charge on the stump, and said in an interview with the Sentinel that the trip out to Dallas in 1999 was to review the specifications from a company that had competitively won a contract to replace all 120 House members’ desks. He said he and the House clerk and additional staff needed to make the trip, and returned on the same day after making sure the desks met their requirements. He added it was the only time he had ever “sequestered” a state plane.

Florida flight manifests disagree, though. According to the Florida Department of Management Services’ flight logs, between August 1999 and October 2000 Thrasher flew seven times on state planes (eight, if you count one leg of the Dallas trip where the plane flew empty to Jacksonville to pick him up, then returned to Tallahassee) — including twice when he flew with Gov. Jeb Bush in between Tallahassee and Miami.

You can read the rest of their piece, here.

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