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September 4, 2009

Evening Edition

Wall Street Journal: Florida GOP Chairman’s criticism of Obama speech is overwrought

Times: Gov. Charlie Crist defends Jim Greer on Obama socialist indoctrination comments

Herald: Governor Crist on everything

Sun-Sentinel: Heat is on Crist for PSC appointments

Herald: Another Crist fundraiser, another made-for-TV event

Times: Senator LeMieux will be official on Thursday

Herald: Video: Protesters voice concern at Miami-Dade budget hearing

Herald: Miami Commission seat goes vacant — for a few hours

Democrat: Head of highway safety, motor vehicles resigning


Morning Edition

Democrat: President’s Tuesday address to children raising a ruckus among some parents

Herald: Some Broward parents oppose Obama school speech

Sun-Sentinel: From K-12, students can opt to take their classes in cyberspace

Herald: Amid protests of cuts and pay raises, Miami-Dade keeps taxes flat

Herald: Tight budget, higher property tax rate for Broward schools

Times-Union: Jacksonville, unions unlikely to agree on salary reductions

Sun: Gainesville passes hike to fees, rates, taxes

Herald: Not all qualify for first-time home buyer tax credit

Herald: Calm prevails at Rep. Kendrick Meek’s town hall

Herald: No bullhorns, no protesters at Meek’s town hall

Times: Marco Rubio gets concealed weapons permit training

Times-Union: Wisecracks infiltrate political debate among Florida Senate candidates

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