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John Thraser Gave Money to Democrats

September 8, 2009 Republican State Senate candidate John Thrasher’s campaign contribution to Democrat Alex Sink has received much attention in the press, we have discovered that Thrasher’s history of financially supporting Democratic political candidates goes much deeper.

Between 2004 and 2007, John Thrasher gave Democrat Congressman Allen Boyd at least $2,500. The politics of Rep. Boyd are certainly anathema to conservative Republicans, especially Boyd’s support for the President’s massive $744 billion stimulus plan and cap-and-trade legislation, which has proven both politically and economically untenable.

Additionally, Thrasher has contributed $500 each to Democrats Stacy Ritter and Alfred Lawson in 2005 and 2006, respectively.

While John Thrasher proclaims that he is a ‘Conservative Republican’, $3,000 in donations to liberal Democrats gives rise to questions over his sincerity and overall commitment.

It would appear that, for the most part, Thrasher is more concerned with building and maintaining personal connections with useful Democrats than he is committed to preserving and supporting the ideology or principles of the Republican party.

The remaining question is whether voters in the closed Republican primary for the State Senate seat will resent Thrasher for his continued support of Democrats over the last five years.

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