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John “Peeping Tom” Thrasher Films Quiggle Residence

September 10, 2009

The Orlando Sentinel reports that John Thrasher’s supporters have released video of their drive-by surveillance of opponent Dan Quiggle’s home.

From the Sentinel:

Now Thrasher supporters are shopping video shot from outside Quiggle’s Ponte Vedra home that supposedly shows two powerful trial lawyers — Jacksonville attorney Tom Edwards and Tallahassee lawyer Paul Anderson — walking to their vehicles after a meeting with the candidate.

We say “supposedly” because we can’t confirm a lick of it — the faces are blurry, the plates are unreadable in the version of the video given to the Sentinel, and none of the parties involved are willing to confirm or deny the time or substance of the meeting.

Here is the video:

In our minds, the video surveillance by Thrasher’s supporters is more consequential than whether or not Quiggle was meeting with trial lawyers, which is far from proven by the video.

The motivation behind the filming seems to be an effort to support John Thrasher’s frequent and unproven allegations that his opponents are coordinating with trial lawyers. As a result, the supporters decided to gather — or fabricate — evidence supporting their candidate.

The supporters claim they coordinated their video surveillance with Thrasher’s campaign, which the campaign spokesman, Sarah Bascom, has publicly denied. However, there are rumors circulating in Tallahassee that Bascom has been openly bragging about the Quiggle video.

Quiggle’s wife, Luanne, has issued a statement criticizing Thrasher for the video surveillance of their home:

“We were recently informed that John Thrasher’s campaign has been videotaping my home and my family. Earlier today a reporter from The Orlando Sentinel contacted my husband’s campaign and confirmed that he had received a portion of the video.

“As a wife and mother, I am sickened by what John Thrasher has done.

“This is wrong. We have a son in kindergarten, a daughter in middle and a 9th grade son. Imagine, as a mother, having to already explain to your children why John Thrasher is using their picture in a political ad.

“Now imagine having to explain to those children that Dan’s political opponent has been filming them while they play, come home from school, and sleep.

“My husband is running for office for all the right reasons and John Thrasher has gone too far this time. I demand that John Thrasher asks his allies to stop this behavior, destroy any videotapes and apologize immediately.

“Hopefully you realize that as a mother, the actions that John Thrasher has taken today are sick. John Thrasher, do not mess with my family or my children.”

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