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Will Recent Endorsements Effect the Race in District 8?

September 11, 2009

b4ab0b2577ea00ebf6a12984367f89e1b7defe31 the intensely heated race to replace the late Senator Jim King enters the final stretch, will last minute endorsements by business and religious organizations hold sway with voters?

Today, Dan Quiggle received an endorsement from the National Federation of Small Business, Florida’s leading advocacy group for small businesses.

The endorsement certifies Dan Quiggle’s small business and economic credentials, however the NFIB is not very familiar to many voters and may not create a substantial shift in support.

In a race among four conservative Republicans with identical stances on most issues, it has been difficult to find substantive differences between the candidates, which was evident yesterday when both John Thrasher and Dan Quiggle received endorsements from religious leaders.

While John Thrasher received a coveted endorsement from Florida Right to Life, Dan Quiggle was receiving an endorsement from conservative religious leader John Stemberger, best known for his leadership in passing the Florida Defense of Marriage Act last year.

It is entirely possible these split endorsements will cancel each other out, shifting support among religious voters as they make their decision based on their beliefs on abortion and gay marriage.

One thing is certain, this race is too close to call. It’s impossible to predict who will emerge the victor as the polls close on Tuesday, but either way, it has been an exciting race to watch.

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