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Exclusive: Thrasher Campaign Accused of Harassing Phone Calls

September 12, 2009

b4ab0b2577ea00ebf6a12984367f89e1b7defe31Tonight, the Dan Quiggle for State Senate campaign accused their opponent John Thrasher of responsibility for hundreds of harassing phone calls. The campaign is currently exploring legal action, including an SEC investigation and criminal charges.

Earlier this evening, the Quiggle campaign began receiving complaints from voters, annoyed by receiving dozens of automated phone calls with a message from the Quiggle campaign. However, the campaign was not sending out the calls at the time voters were receiving them.

The campaign launched their automated calling this afternoon at 1pm, completing their calls long before voters began to receive the repeated harassing calls at 5pm.

They believe members of John Thrasher’s campaign received and recorded the message in Quiggle’s series of automated calls, then used the same message to launch their own automated calling campaign to harass voters with calls they would believe came from the Quiggle campaign.

They also believe Thrasher’s campaign is responsible for late-night calls to voters by people claiming to be Quiggle volunteers, which began a week ago.

Considering yesterday’s release of surveillance video of Dan Quiggle’s home, there is a clear pattern emerging within the Thrasher campaign. They have demonstrated their willingness to stop at nothing, even violating the law, in pursuit of a victory in next Tuesday’s special election.

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  1. Renee Hotes permalink
    September 13, 2009 2:38 pm

    I was also contacted by a “polling” call and when I told them my husband and I were voting for Quiggle, the person asked me again who I was voting for. I repeated that our votes were going Quiggle. The “pollster” asked me if I was “sure” that is who I wanted to vote for. I answered yes and she said she was sorry. If this isn’t considered underhanded and disturbing, I don’t know what is!

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