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Liveblogging the District 8 Special Election

September 15, 2009


Throughout the day, we will constantly update you with the latest breaking updates from the intensely competitive District 8 special election. Additionally, we have opened the comments section for this post, so your comments will appear instantly for a real-time discussion of the race. Enjoy.

10:00 pm: Reaching 100% of precincts reporting, John Thrasher collected a grand total of 13,247 votes for 39%. Losing by just 12%, Dan Quiggle came in second with a respectable 9,201 votes for 27%. Finishing in a virtual tie for last place, Stan Jordan and Art Graham each received 17% with only 13 votes separating them.

9:00 pm: With 89% of precincts reporting, John Thrasher is currently at 40% with 12,197 votes. His nearest competitor, Dan Quiggle has received 26% with 7,257 votes. Turnout varied throughout the district, from 8% in Duval County to 27% in Flagler. By all accounts, it appears John Thrasher will be the next State Senator to represent District 8.

8:45 pm: Jacksonville’s Channel 4 has declared John Thrasher the winner of the District 8 Special Election, with 40% of the vote.

8:40 pm: With 80% of precincts reporting, John Thrasher has expanded his lead over Dan Quiggle to 3,997 votes.

8:30pm: John Thrasher has expanded his lead to nearly 3,600 votes, with 72% of precincts reporting.

8:15 pm: 68% of precincts are reporting and John Thrasher is maintaining his lead with 41% of the vote. Dan Quiggle remains in second, now with 26% of the vote. Bringing up the rear, Stan Jordan and Art Graham have each collected 17% and 16%, respectively.

8:00 pm: 52% of precincts reporting and John Thrasher leads with 41%. His closest competitor is Dan Quiggle, with 27% of the vote. With only 3,000 votes separating the two candidates, this one is still too close to call.

7:45 pm: St. Johns: Art Graham 287 (8%), Stan Jordan 443 (13%), Dan Quiggle 1092 (33%), John Thrasher 1439 (44%)

7:45 pm: Flagler: Art Graham 474 (12%), Stan Jordan 489 (13%), Dan Quiggle 1140 (30%), John Thrasher 1603 (43%)

7:20pm: Volusia Early Voting: Thrasher 45%, Quiggle 35%, Jordan 12%,Graham 8%  (with 1,200 votes counted.)

7:00 pm: The polls are now closed. We will bring you the latest vote counts as they become available.

6:50 pm: is reporting the current number of votes cast by precinct in Duval County. Here are the top five:

Precinct 01 – 520 votes
Precinct 13G – 432 votes
Precinct 01P – 274 votes
Precinct 13J – 256 votes
Precinct 13H – 249 votes

6:40 pm: The Jacksonville Observer is reporting on speculation this could be a three-way race:

Polls in the State Senate race are hard to come by, though rumors suggest that the contest will be a close one.  Sources have told the Jacksonville Observer that some groups are claiming there is a near three-way tie between John Thrasher, Dan Quiggle, and Stan Jordan.

6:00 pm: Duval County Elections Supervisor Jerry Holland has confirmed that 7,750 votes were cast in the county, before election day. Here are the numbers Holland posted on his Facebook profile:

“As of today – the day before Election Day – 2,508 voters have already cast their ballot by voting early, and 5,242 voters have already cast their ballot via vote-by-mail ballot for a total of 7,750 votes cast. This total is roughly 4.9% of the eligible registered voters who live in City Council District 13, School Board District 1, and State Senate District 8.”

5:00 pm: There are rumors that 7,400 votes have been cast in Duval County today, with 2 hours until the polls close.

4:35 pm: This afternoon we received a mailer from John Thrasher, sent via first-class postage, attacking Dan Quiggle.

2:40 pm: We have learned the locations for two candidate’s election night parties:

  • Dan Quiggle’s event will be at Bogie Grill, located at 150 Valley Circle in Ponte Vedra Beach.
  • Art Graham’s event will be at his campaign headquarters, 1260 Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Beach.

2:15 pm: The Orlando Sentinel’s political blog highlights a difference in tone between the Thrasher and Quiggle campaigns on this election day.

1:05 pm: The Jacksonville Times-Union posted an overview of the District 8 race this morning, including a prediction from Duval County Elections Supervisor Jerry Holland:

Holland said roughly 5 percent of voters eligible to cast ballots have done so in the early voting process. He’s predicting an overall 10 percent turnout.

Normally, in a special election, Holland said there’s a turnout of 8 to 12 percent – a far cry from the 78 percent turnout in Duval County for November’s presidential election.

12:40 pm: The Jacksonville Observer has posted audio of their Sept. 9th District 8 Candidate’s Debate. Listen here.

12:15 pm: Let us know which District 8 candidate has your support in our poll.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. James permalink
    September 15, 2009 3:22 pm

    Last update at 2:40? Hardly breaking news, buddy.

  2. PoliticsFLA Staff permalink*
    September 15, 2009 4:24 pm

    There just isn’t that much to report, other than “People are voting.” The breaking news and real excitement will come this evening when the polls close and votes are counted.

  3. Tom Lundy permalink
    September 15, 2009 5:05 pm

    Breaking news:
    At 18:05 today it has been reported that people are still voting!

  4. Tom Lundy permalink
    September 15, 2009 7:17 pm

    I’m calling it. Thrasher won.
    You would think with the mood of the country that a lobbyist couldn’t be elected.

    With 60 of 75 precincts reporting in Duval County

    Quiggle 22.36% – 3,087
    Thrasher 36.17% – 4,994

    That’s enough data to call it.

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