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Greed Rules in Miami-area Budget Cuts

September 21, 2009


In the midst of sweeping budget deficits throughout the Miami area, the highest paid government employees have chosen to fire police officers, lifeguards, trash collectors and other low-level government employees.

Will they cut their own inflated salaries? Not a chance.

Miami’s New Times asks,  “Did you know that 46 county attorneys make more than $200,000 per year? That the best-paid do-nothing exec is county manager George Burgess, who rakes in $343,515 annually plus benefits?”

An article in last week’s New Times reveals the salaries, proposed cuts and “screwed” civil servants in multiple Miami-area governments. Here’s the story in Miami-Dade County:


Top money-makers:

• Cynthia Curry, economic development senior advisor, $253,767 annual salary plus a $18,720 executive benefits package. Total: $272,487.

• Alina Tejeda Hudak, assistant county manager, $258,967 annual salary plus a $18,720 executive benefits package. Total: $277, 687.

Proposed cuts: To close the gap on a $444 million shortfall, Mayor Carlos Alvarez (salary: $344,947) has proposed a 5 percent pay cut for all county employees, freezing longevity bonuses, and dumping 1,700 people who earn less than he does. He also plans to gut approximately $30 million in funding for arts groups, social service, and other agencies that help get kids off drugs and fight domestic violence.

Screwed civil servant: Eddy Horn, age 46, is a solid waste dump truck driver. He makes $46,200 annually and will lose $2,250 of it next year. “With that money, I could have paid for my children’s Christmas gifts,” he says.

For the rest of the story, visit the link below.

Baby Got Fatback! [Miami New Times]

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