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The Story Behind Crist’s Millions

September 21, 2009


Some people say money isn’t everything in politics. Those people are not Charlie Crist.

In the first three months of his U.S. Senate campaign, Crist has raked in more than $4 million. How has the Governor-turned-Senate candidate accomplished this record-setting feat amid a widely felt recession? A potent combination of charm and personal contact.

From the Miami Herald:

He dials the numbers himself. He asks about the wife and kids by name. And then, without flinching, Crist makes “the ask.”

‘I need your help, buddy. I can’t do it without you. We’re going to bring change to Washington, the Florida way!’

From dozens of interviews with Crist’s campaign contributors and advisors, a picture emerges of a gracious arm-twister who lavishes donors with praise, solicits their opinions — and then demands to know how much and when.

When donors come up short — or even if they don’t — Crist calls again.

‘Can you dig deeper?’

While Crist’s charm offensive has given him an enourmous cash advantage against his opponents, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek, his three-month cash haul falls short of the record. Political heavyweigh Rudy Giuliani is the only U.S. Senate candidate who has ever raised more money in a three-month span.

Dialing for Dollars: Crist turns on the charm [Miami Herald]

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