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Attorney General Releases Boring Messages

September 22, 2009

BillMcCollumAs promised by Attorney General Bill McCollum, his office has become the first in the state to retain BlackBerry PIN messages which pass through the office’s computer server. Today, McCollum’s office released the first twenty retained messages to the Palm Beach Post, revealing some rather boring and uninteresting conversations between staffers.

An example message reported by the post reveals that one was “sent to McCollum’s Legislative Affairs Director Kimberly Case asking, “Why did the AG do that today?” with a subject, “PINs.” Case replied a few minutes later, “Call me.”

From the Post:

Gov. Charlie Crist initially said he would also start retaining those messages in his office, but decided instead turn off the PIN and text function on his office BlackBerrys and instead encourage staffers to send e-mails, which are easier for public records officials to handle. More than a dozen state departments have followed Crist’s lead.

Deputy Chief of Staff Bill Stewart said the process of turning around the PINs messages was fairly slow, but painless. The office dumped the electronic messages into a spreadsheet and created a function to clean up useless code. The office also had to match employees with the PINs, an acronym that stands for the BlackBerry’s “personal identification number.”

McCollum releases first round of BlackBerry PIN messages [Palm Beach Post]

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