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How Will Florida Stack Up in Stimulus Conversation?

September 24, 2009

AnitaDunnYesterday afternoon, the White House held a federal stimulus tutorial led by a familiar face to many Floridians: 2006 Jim Davis campaign alumnus Anita Dunn. The Miami Herald reports:

On Oct. 1, Florida and other states will be required to detail how the stimulus spending is being put to work. By going to later in the month, you’ll be able to see which contractors have received money and how many jobs have been supported.

Florida will be an interesting test as Gov. Charlie Crist has been criticized for not spending the money fast enough, a charge he denies. Today, Crist and other governors are to take place in a conference call with Vice President Joe Biden about the stimulus reporting deadlines.

There have been several recent reports that Florida is behind in stimulus spending, raising concerns among many Floridians that Washington will shut off the proverbial “spicket”. It will be interesting to see how we stack up.

White House touts stimulus, will Florida measure up? [St. Petersburg Times]

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