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Is Alex Sink Borrowing Crist’s Strategy?

September 24, 2009

AlexSinkThe Democrat campaigning to replace Republican Charlie Crist as Governor isn’t running the way many Democrats have in recent years. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink, has made a considerable effort to avoid partisanship. As an interesting result, both liberal groups and conservative fundraisers have joined in her cause.

Charlie Crist supporter and fundraiser Rodney Barreto, head of a Miami lobbying firm, will be hosting a fundraiser for Sink tonight in his home. He told the Miami Herald, “She’s a moderate Democrat. I look at her as I look at Charlie Crist … I don’t see her as a left-wing liberal. She’s probably voted more with Crist than McCollum has.”The Herald also reports that, “Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein held a Aug. 27 reception for Sink. “It went fantastic. Between hard and soft money, we raised about $240,000,” Rothstein said. “I tend to be a moderate Republican.”

Some are speculating that Sink is trying to follow in Crist’s path of moderation to the Governor’s office, which isn’t the worst campaign strategy. Florida is very divided politically and the margin between victory and defeat can be easily covered by appealing to moderate voters. The real question is if Sink can effectively execute the strategy.

Alex Sink: The Charlie Crist of Florida Democrats [Miami Herald]

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