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U.S. Rep. Rooney Urges Troop Increase in Afganistan

September 24, 2009

TomRooneyUrging the President to increase troops in Afganistan, U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney of Central Florida penned an open letter from freshman House Republicans being released today.

In the letter, Rooney advocates a strategy similar to the very successful troop surge in Iraq. After a troubling rise in casualties in Afganistan, Republicans and Democrats have recently endorsed the idea of an increase in troops on the ground to provide additional defenses and overwhelm the enemy.

Dear Mr. President:

We are at a vital turning point in Afghanistan. In June of this year you directed Secretary Gates to provide an assessment on the situation in Afghanistan. Specifically, you requested to know if we can complete our mission and if so, how do we do it. General McChrystal answered your questions and presented to you his assessment on Afghanistan where he clearly states the situation there is deteriorating and failure to adopt a new fully resourced strategy will result in the inability to defeat the insurgency. However, we can win in Afghanistan. In the words of General McChrystal, “Time matters, we must act now to reverse the negative trends and demonstrate progress.” Decisive and deliberate action must be taken in determining the next step forward with our mission in Afghanistan.

As members of the Freshman Class we applaud General McChrystal’s recommendation to implement your strategy of executing and resourcing an integrated civilian-military counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy in Afghanistan.  An important component of this is to accelerate and expand the Afghan force, both in size and capabilities.  This is necessary to meet the growing insurgency that threatens the Afghan population.  Training the Afghan forces is manpower intensive and requires a large investment of resources, both from the United States and our Allies. We remain confident this investment will result in an Afghan force fully capable of providing safety and security to the people of Afghanistan.

Read the rest of the open later at the link below.

U.S. Rep. Rooney urges Obama to man up in Afganistan [St. Petersburg Times]

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