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Biden and Crist Discuss Stimulus

September 25, 2009

JoeBidenThe Miami Herald reports on yesterday’s conference call between Vice President Biden and the nation’s Governors — including Charlie Crist — to discuss the federal stimulus act:

The pool report from the call notes that only Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was a no-show on the telephone call. Two states had the second-in-command take the call.

The poll report [also] notes the chief purpose of the call was to exhort the states to collect and submit numbers of jobs created and saved by the stimulus act by Oct. 10.

So far, Biden said, the stimulus plan has put “$150 billion bucks” into the states, out of $247 billion obligated.

“In my wildest dreams I never thought it would work this well,” he told the governors, acknowledging that the detailed reports now due will put a “burden” on the governors.

“It’s a massive undertaking…we’ve all gotta sink or swim together…we’ve gotta make sure the data is accurate.”

Crist talks with Biden [Miami Herald]

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