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Does RPOF Have a Glass House Problem?

September 25, 2009
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RPOFAdam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times poses an interesting question: Anybody else notice that twice in two days, the state GOP has blasted off emails bashing Democrats for things for which Charlie Crist could be vulnerable too?

Today House majority Leader Adam Hasner smacking Sink over ACORN and restoration of felon rights, when there’s little daylight between Sink and Crist on that.

Hasner: “Alex Sink’s statements of concern from yesterday ignore the fact that she strongly supported the very changes that resulted in these errors which restored the rights of 13 felons, including a child rapist.  Sink’s aggressive backtracking from her unequivocal support of this ACORN-backed policy makes it clear that Bill McCollum was right to oppose the expansion of this program in the first place.

“In light of the mistakes revealed by the Auditor General’s report, the automatic felons’ rights restoration program should be suspended until proper safeguards can be put in place and the public can be assured that mistakes like this will not happen again.  Public safety is not a partisan issue and suspending the program is a matter of keeping the public’s trust.”

Does Florida GOP have a Crist/glass house problem? [St. Petersburg Times]

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