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George Will: Rubio is “Better Choice for Florida Republicans”

September 26, 2009

RubioGeorge F. Will, the Pulitzer Prize winning conservative writer, believes Marco Rubio can become Florida’s next U.S. Senator. From his column in this Sunday’s Washington Post:

Probably only about 20 percent of Florida’s 4 million registered Republicans will vote in the closed primary in late August in a nonpresidential year. So, about 450,000 votes might win it. That many can come from Republicans who are attentive to politics even in late summer because they are ideologically driven.

As is Rubio, which is why National Review, the bimonthly encyclical of the church of conservatism, had him on a recent cover and why the Club for Growth, a group that contributes to Republicans friendly to free markets, should support him. Crist has a large lead in name recognition, and hence in polls. But where Rubio and he are both known, they are neck and neck.

A Catholic and father of four, Rubio, whose parents fled Cuba in 1959, says, “It is hard to be apolitical when you are raised by exiles.” He worries that his children’s generation “will be the first to inherit a diminished country.” His preventive medicine includes limited government, tax reform, spending restraint and removal of all impediments to the entrepreneurship that makes America a place “where poor people can put billionaires out of business.”

Rubio intends to prove that “in the most important swing state, you can run successfully as a principled conservative.” He probably will.

A Ripe Time For Florida’s Marco Rubio [Washington Post]

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  1. September 27, 2009 5:58 pm

    I feel that, barring some unforseen circumstance, Sarah Palin will secure the GOP POTUS Nomination in 2012.

    If you agree — or even if you don’t — I think some readers would be interested in knowing whether others share what is my view that Palin should appear in support of Marco Rubio in his GOP Primary candidacy for US Senate (FL) against Charlie Crist.

    In the past, concerns were raised for Palin not to participate in the primaries or against Crist, for fears of alienation of some supporters and/or her previous commitments to Crist.

    I think circumstances have changed (Rubio’s current upward trajectory, Crist’s error in failing to select a conservative temporarily to hold retiring Martinez’s seat, Crist’s previous support for and appearance with Obama coupled with Obama’s downward trajectory).

    Also, I’ve established a forum for exactly this topic in the event C4P feels this is jumping the gun.

    See —

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