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Using Taxpayer Money for Lawyers to Thwart the FBI

September 26, 2009

NxonBob Norman from the Miami New Times has a great article about the Broward County School Board in the wake of member Beverly Gallagher’s arrest for federal charges of public corruption.

Officials lawyering up, high-ranking personnel angry about possible leaks, people dodging the FBI, and the top man trying to assure everyone that the place isn’t full of crooks.

The board is using taxpayers’ money for lawyers to protect the school board from the FBI. Somebody needs to let them know that the people who pay their salaries — i.e. the taxpayers — don’t want to dole out money for obfuscating lawyers.Here’s the text of  the memo that just came across the transom from Ed Marko, the school board’s general counsel (or “Esq.” as he likes to refer to himself), to Superintendent James Notter. The memo, subject line “Federal Investigation,” was sent to school board employees in the embattled construction department. Does Notter tell our public employees to cooperate with the feds? Of course not. That would be the right thing to do. Instead he tells them explicitly that they don’t have to talk to the FBI if they don’t want to and, if they want to lawyer up, well, the school board will provide them a lawyer free of charge.

Read the rest of the article at the link below.

School Board Systematically Thwarts FBI On Taxpayers’ Dime [Miami New Times]


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