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Marco Rubio: “Let’s get a new establishment”

September 27, 2009

RubioThe Panama City News Herald has glowing coverage of Marco Rubio’s speech yesterday.

“If you are unhappy with the Republican establishment, then let’s get a new establishment,” he said.

Rubio added that he, too, had been disappointed in the Republicans who gained power for much of this decade but failed to make government smaller and accomplish other conservative goals.

“I know your hearts have been broken before in politics,” Rubio said.

The only good reason to run for office is if there is “something wrong in the world that you want to fix or something right in the world that you want to protect,” Rubio said.

Before deciding to run for the Senate, Rubio examined all of the implications it would have on his life, he said. The party establishment offered him an easier path if he chose a different elected position, Rubio said, and he worried about the strain it would put on his family.

Rubio: ‘Let’s get a new establishment’ [Panama City News Herald]


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