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Unorthodox Fundraising Appeals from Crist and Nelson

September 28, 2009

CristEarlier today, the campaigns of both Governor Charlie Crist and Senator Bill Nelson made unorthodox fundraising appeals.

The messages didn’t come from the candidates themselves, but instead from family members.

Gov. Crist’s parents made their request by highlighting their son’s achievements in medical coverage while serving as Governor, which included a reminder that the Governor’s father is a family physician.

Dr. Crist says, “as a family physician, I am confident that this type of reform will increase the number of Florida families covered byBillNelson medical insurance, while reducing the taxpayer burden of costly emergency care the uninsured must often seek when a medical emergency arises.”

Sen. Nelson’s wife asked donors to wish her husband a happy birthday, with an obvious post script: “Tomorrow is not only Bill’s birthday, but also the day before the end-of-quarter fundraising deadline. Please consider making a contribution to our campaign before this important deadline.”

Nelson isn’t up for re-election until 2012, but as the Miami Herald reports, Sen. Nelson “already hit the $1 million fundraising mark as Republicans have suggested he’s in their sights, amid some Democratic grumbling that Nelson needed to step up his efforts on health care reform.”

Crist, who has nearly set records with his fundraising haul of more than $4 million, doesn’t show any signs of slowing down his fundraising push. We can’t blame him, with former House Speaker Marco Rubio threatening to upset his nearly ordained nomination as the Republican candidate, Crist will need all the cash he can get.

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