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The latest updates on Rep. Grayson

October 2, 2009

GraysonThe St. Petersburg Times reports the latest on “the pugnacious Democratic congressman from Orlando.”

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that an apology is not necessary. “If anybody’s going to apologize, everybody should apologize,” she said at her weekly news conference.
  • The RNC has launched a Web ad contrasting President Obama’s call for civility in the health care debate with Grayson’s comments in the past few days. Watch here.
  • The NRCC has launched
  • Grayson has drawn a GOP challenger. Dan Fanelli of Windermere announced his candidacy today.
  • White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Grayson’s comments: “I would simply reiterate what we’ve said on this a number of times, and I think this goes for anybody from whatever political party and whatever end of the political spectrum — that we ought to be able to have an honest, calm debate about health care, the need for health care reform, without disparaging each other.”
  • Grayson’s office is saying he’s raked in up to $150,000 in contributions.

All Grayson, all the time [St. Petersburg Times]

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