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Senator pursues end to texting while driving

October 2, 2009

AltmanThe Miami Herald reports that Sen. Thad Altman recently introduced legislation which “would prohibit the reading, typing and sending of an electronic message while behind the wheel. If passed, Florida would join 18 other states that ban texting while driving.” In July, similar legislation was introduced in the State House.

“Altman’s announcement cited a U.S. Department of Transportation report that 6,000 deaths last year resulted from drivers using mobile devices. The percentage of car crashes and injuries caused by distracted drivers is increasing each year.”

Sen. Alt SEZ: No TXT N CAR, PLS [Miami Herald]


University of Florida leads state in zombie preparedness

October 1, 2009

ZombiesOn the lighter side of news, the Gainesville Sun reports that “the University of Florida is ready in case its employees become flesh-eating zombies.”

“Some employees may prefer weapons such as chain saws, baseball bats, and explosives that have been shown to be effective against zombies,” the plan says. “Given the stress on staff to be anticipated during a zombie outbreak, employees should be given the flexibility to choose their own weaponry thereby diminishing anxiety.”

Thank goodness! UF has a plan for zombie invasions [Gainesville Sun]

Maurice Ferre preparing to announce U.S. Senate bid?

October 1, 2009

FerreThe Miami Herald reports that “ex-Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre said he will make an announcement “the modern way” on Wednesday about whether he is running for the U.S. Senate. Does that mean an e-mail? A pod-cast? Facebook?”

Earlier today, the Herald reported that Ferre “appears close” to announcing a bid for the U.S. Senate in 2010. “His friends and political allies are trying to assemble a campaign team, and he’s asked to speak at the Florida Democratic Party’s convention in Orlando next weekend.”

Ferre says he will announce Wednesday [Miami Herald]

Solar energy industry rallies behind offshore drilling

October 1, 2009

OilRigThe St. Petersburg Times reports that, “backers of a drive to open up Florida’s near-shore waters to offshore drilling picked up a new ally today: the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association.”

“The reason for these strange bedfellows: Money. The revenue that the state could reap from allowing drilling for oil five miles off Florida’s gulf beaches could act as a bridge to help the state promote alternative energy for the future, the association said in a press release.”

Florida solar energy industry now backing offshore oil drilling too [St. Petersburg Times]

AARP: “We welcome” new PSC appointees

October 1, 2009

FPLThe Palm Beach Post reports: “Consumer groups applauded Gov. Charlie Crist’s choice of two outsiders to serve on the Public Service Commission shifting the balance away from a utility-friendly panel for the first time in decades.”

“On behalf of almost 3 million Florida AARP members, we welcome the appointments of Mr. Klement and Mr. Stevens to this important regulatory body.  With the power to decide utilities cases that can – and have – cost Florida consumers billions of dollars in times of economic distress, it is very important that consumers’ interests be given fair consideration by the Commission.” said AARP Florida State Director Lori Parham.

What they’re saying about Crist utility reg panel sweep [Palm Beach Post]

Crist appoints newcomers to Public Service Commission

October 1, 2009

CristThe Miami Herald reports: “In a move designed to reshape the embattled Public Service Commission, Gov. Charlie Crist on Thursday named a former newspaper editorial board member and a sheriff’s department finance director to the utility regulators’ panel, ousting two incumbents.”

“Crist appointed David Klement, former editor of the Bradenton Herald’s editorial board, and Benjamin “Steve” Stevens, the chief financial officer for the Escambia County sheriff’s department to serve on the five-member panel. He rejected two commissioners originally appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush who were seeking new four-year terms: Commission Chairman Matthew Carter and Katrina McMurrian.”

Governor names newcomers to Public Service Commission [Miami Herald]

Flashback: Grayson questions Federal Reserve Chairman

October 1, 2009

Whether you’s a Republican or a Democrat, Rep. Grayson is an entertaining politician. We can’t get enough of his videos, including this one where he questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. While many of his questions could be answered with a Google search, we wouldn’t get to enjoy Grayson’s self-indulgence.